Becket Athenaeum Behavior Policy

We strive to make the Athenaeum a comfortable, welcoming, stimulating library for the entire community. Use of the Athenaeum requires respect for others who are also enjoying our library facilities and services, thus patrons are expected to respect the following guidelines:

•   However subtle, intruding on the privacy of other patrons is inappropriate.

•   Verbally or physically harassing any staff member or patron is forbidden. Loud swearing is inappropriate. Vulgar gestures and pantomimes are inappropriate. Teasing, name‐calling, bullying, or rude and belligerent behavior to patrons or staff will not be tolerated.

•   Disruptive behavior, such as running, rough‐housing, playing audio equipment so others can hear, public intoxication, or engaging in any other behavior which would hinder the Library from carrying out its mission, is forbidden.

•   With the exception of those assisting patrons with a seeing or hearing disability, animals are not allowed in the library building without the approval of the Library Director.

•   Except for very young children with their guardians, and disabled persons with their caregivers, only one person is to be in the bathroom at a time.

•   Patrons are prohibited from interacting with children who are not known to them.

•   If you have a concern about a policy or procedure, or about another patronʹs behavior, please speak with a staff member. Please cooperate with the library staff who must interpret and apply these rules and regulations. Your cooperation will help promote excellence in library service for everyone.

Any patron violating the above rules may be denied access to the library by the Library Director or Directorʹs designee. Patrons whose privileges have been denied may have the decision reviewed by the Board of Trustees.

May, 2011

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