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Becket and Washington's Community Library

The Becket Athenaeum

Item: Two (2) tickets to Faye Driscoll's
Thank You for Coming

Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

Value: $70 

Minimum Bid: $50


  • Reservations must be made through the Jacob’s Pillow Box Office 413.243.0745. Subject to availability.
  • Choose between performances on August 1st-4th at 8:15pm and August 4th-5th at 2:15pm
  • 2018 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Award winner Faye Driscoll returns to the Pillow for the second consecutive summer with the next installment of the Thank for You For Coming trilogy. Play, described as “captivating and complex” (Portland Mercury), investigates the ritual of storytelling, focusing on the shadows, gaps, repetitions, and stutters between what we say and what we do while we say it.
  • Please note this performance contains partial nudity and some adult language. The audience also sits on the floor for the first 20 minutes. ​