Becket Athenaeum Museum Pass Policy

Only one museum pass may be checked out at a time per household.

Reservations may be made twice per month per household, one Saturday only, one reservation per specific pass. 

For special dates, such as the Hancock Shaker Village Country Fair, a lottery will determine for whom the pass will be reserved.

​For museums that do not allow photocopies (refer to the list here), the following loan periods and policies apply.

Museum passes are checked out using the following system for due dates:
If checked out on:               Pass is due (to our exterior dropbox) before: 
Tuesday, prior to 6pm         Thursday, 1pm
Thursday, prior to 6pm        Saturday, 10am
Saturday, prior to 3pm        Tuesday, 1pm

The museum pass program depends on conscientious borrowers. Should a borrower neglect to return a pass on time, use by the next patron is put in jeopardy.

With this in mind, if a patron returns a pass up to three (3) days late, that patron and their household members will not be allowed to check out any museum passes for a period of three (3) weeks from the date of return. The patron can choose to pay a fine of $20 in order to have their museum pass privileges reinstated immediately.

If a patron fails to return a pass within three (3) days of the due date, the patron will be billed the replacement cost of the pass (which can be up to $100). The patron and their household members will have all borrowing privileges suspended for one (1) month and until charges are paid.

If a patron makes a reservation and fails to pick up the pass or notify staff by one hour prior to closing on the day of the reservation, the pass will be made available to the next patron on the waiting list. The patron who missed their reservation and their household members will be restricted from reserving any museum pass for a period of three (3) weeks.

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